An IoT Empowered M-Commerce Application Framework for Hassle-free B2C Transaction

  • Dr J.Vanathi and P.Pansy Ebina


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fast-emerging technologies with most of the companies trying to embed IoT in their application or product. Internet of Things (IoT) is generally defined as a system in which physical objects are connected through the internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT can refer to an object like air conditioner with a in built sensors or a person. These objects in IoT has the ability to transfer data over the wireless network without human Intervention. Currently IoT technology is used in Smart home application, Fitness and Industries. This paper is designed to embed IoT technology into M-Commerce to help vendor and consumers to have a smart and hassle-free experience. Currently M-commerce generates the highest revenue. The paper proposes development of mobile inventory system based on RFID tag which monitors the inventory of the stock in the shelf and places an order to warehouse when stock level gets to a reorder limit. This app will help customer by suggesting list of suitable items based on purchase history. This application will help the vendor to monitor the stock details

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