Sustainable Development Of Enterprises With Digitalization Of The Economic Management

  • Oksana Davydova, Nataliia Kashchena, Tetiana Staverska, Hanna Chmil


Modern globalization and Ukraine's return to the world's monetary region have intensified digitization and agreed to do so as a catalyst of enhanced speed, financial activity and sustained development in monetary substances. Consistent Modernization of current and revolutionary computerized applications and data innovations requires changes in the organization of plans of action of business substances, ways to deal with their administration. Radical changes in the system of business advancement and venture the board forms affected by digitalization sooner rather than later will get vital essential of feasibility and improvement in the computerized environment «state – business – society». In spite of this, the reason for this research is settled as the analysis of world knowledge and the necessities for the transition of projects to advanced governance and the development of the comparative paradigm of the financial revolution and the effort to enhance the digitization of the board. The way to deal with the digitization of financial movement the board and manageable advancement of local undertakings is recommended to find the global history in company enterprise digitization. It is proved that the endeavor the executive’s digitalization requires the definition and reevaluating of structures, patterns, techniques, advancements and computerized building apparatuses, development strategy and comparing corporate culture, correspondence instruments between all administration units for speedy usage of changes. The consequences of the work demonstrate that the execution viability of the board activities and measures for big business the board digitalization, its action and improvement relies upon the chose advanced change innovations, the chance of significant information data clusters framing, their systematic preparing and introduction for specific choices making progressively. The reference digitalization model of monetary action the board and venture advancement is expounded; its particular component is the incorporation of three stages (data, expository and the executives) in one administration circle, which permits getting the synergistic impact of the administration procedure computerized change in any of its rates. Effective application of the conceptual model of digitization of the monetary activity of the board and supportable change of  the undertaking permits increasing vital advantages from business forms change and overseeing them into advanced configuration, giving the administration procedure enhancement and the chance of choices making progressively.

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