Understanding the Relationship between Remote Working, Personal Life Characteristics and Employee Engagement

  • Dr. Poonam Vatharkar


The concept of employee engagement was coined by Kahn in 1990, as part of his research into identify theory. This concept of employee engagement is multi-dimensional. It can be understood as the emotional attachment employees feel towards their job roles, place of work, and position in the company, colleagues and culture. Employee engagement has positive impact on well-being and productivity of individual employee and organization as a whole. Today’s era is marked by tremendous changes in ways of work including the remote working / work from home arrangements. The Pandemic of Covid 19 had made it imperative. The current study focuses on the impact this remote working arrangements, personal life characteristics of individuals might have on employee engagement. Marital status and child care responsibilities are expected to  have impact on employee engagement. T Test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were used to test the hypothesis. The results of this study show that marital status and childcare responsibility affects employee engagement. The results also focus on need to reduce insecurity in the minds of remote working employees. The implications for the organizations and limitations of the study are also discussed