A Framework Design for Algorithmic It Operations (Aiops)

  • Rahul Gaikwad, Dr. Santosh Deshpande, Dr. Ravindra Vaidya, Dr. Manasi Bhate


AIOps is acronym for Algorithmic IT operations which was coined by Gartner. It represents automated solutions which consists of machine learning algorithms and techniques to solve unknown, critical, complex and hidden IT operational problems. It helps to intelligently classify log events, predict alerts and standard operating procedures (SOP) and automate solutions. Since past few years, AIOPS has been growing extremely, many organisations and vendors started exploring AIOps solutions. Gartner recently redefined AIOps  as “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.”

AIOps helps to improve IT system service quality and customer satisfaction. It also boost DevOps productivity and reduce human efforts and operational cost. In this technical research work, we first summarize what is AIOps, its components, use cases, need of AIOps platform and real-world challenges. We then propose a framework design for AIOps platform based on our earlier research work and outcomes. AIOps is still evolving which need continuous learning and improvement through scientific research and experiment work.