Enhancement of Village Remuneration Using IoT

  • K NISHANTH RAO et al.


The project is to enhance the development of the village. The village economy can be improved
by 3 major sectors like crops, tourism , handicrafts . As villagers are suffering from the middleman.
The main focus of our project is to eliminate mediator between producer and consumer. Through this
project, we can create awareness of tourism spots and popular handlooms of those villages.
Our team has seen a lot of news and accidents occurred across our society on farmers. We have
ensured that there will be no third person (or) middleman who will be bargaining for less cost on
agriculture food productions. This website can be more successfully used for them by not involving
the third person in between. This is the reason our team has taken the idea of village remuneration.
Villagers are very active in the development of their society's cleanness, atmosphere, plantation,
agriculture fields, lakes and river flowing through there village. The Village is a beauty so to capture
it and focus it on tourism. We as a team take an idea to grow on tourism and add a minimum
remuneration by this tourism for villagers like there will growth of ages foods, their culture will be
known for tourists, hotels in villages get remuneration, lakes tourism, etc..,.
The last sector is handlooms in villages. As we all know some of the co-operations now selling
village oldest handlooms that are taken from the villagers to showcase for future children incites. We
as a team decided to add it to our website so that there name gets out as people in cites can know
who are they and what is their occupation, what would be there style and culture of doing. Example
that is produced in villages are mattresses, file covers, mats, carpets, bags & purses, curtain, cushion
covers, table & bed linens, slippers, caps, jackets this is some of the production all over India with
different culture of items.