Analysis and Study of Refractive Index of Different Types of PCF Core Materials

  • Ravindra Kumar Sharma
  • Dr. Kirti Vyas
Keywords: Dispersion, Refractive index, Photonic Crystal Fiber, Pitch value, Core and Cladding


Photonic crystal fiber is a widely searched researched area which took the attention of researchers towards this field. Actually since last two decade, innovations and experiments have been increased in this field. For this field various materials and design have been used for calculationĀ  and verifying the refractive index [13,14,15] of the core material used. Since Photonic crystal fibers [10 -15] have various properties through which they can be used, among them the only few are widely used to calculate and measure in various design and structure. In this paper we tried to compute and compare the Refractive Index properties of various materials like the conventional material of PCF [10-11] is Silica Glass [1-2], borosilicate crown glass (BK7) [3], chalcogenide glass [4-5]. Apart from the some other properties we have considered some other physical and chemical properties of these materials. ToCompareĀ  these properties of all these materials we used to refer various articles and research papers then finally concluded that all the three material have their own merits and demeritsĀ  and they shows their properties in best manner for the selected wavelength region of 0.2 micrometer to 2.0 micrometer. We have prepared various tables with the data collected and draw graphs between them to show the variation of these parameters for various material used used.