Mediating Role of Career Satisfaction on Relationship between Role Conflict and Work Life Balance

  • Prof. Dr. Poonam Vatharkar et al.


In today’s social environment individuals have to play multiple roles in their personal and professional
lives. Constant demands coming from various role senders may lead to experience of role conflict for
working individuals, giving way to feeling of work life imbalance. The current study focuses on impact of
role conflict on work life balance of working individuals and the role of career satisfaction in mitigating
this impact. Career satisfaction was expected to mediate on a relationship between role conflict and work
life balance. Hierarchical regression analysis was used to test this mediation. The results of this study
show strong correlation among role conflict (RC), work life balance (WLB) and career satisfaction (CS).
CS was found to completely mediate between RS and WLB. The results focus on the importance of career
satisfaction for working individuals. Even though, it is not within the control of organizations (employer)
to reduce number of roles individuals have to play and also reduce role demands, organizations can take
measures to increase the career satisfaction of individuals. This will certainly help individuals to
maintain healthy work life balance.