Exploring Block Chain Technology’s Potential in Education System

  • Namrata S Gadgil et al.


Recently, blockchain technology has gained appreciable attention from researchers and practitioners.
this can be primarily thanks to its distinctive features together with decentralization, security, reliability,
and data integrity. Despite this growing interest, very little is thought regarding this state of knowledge
and follow relating to the employment of blockchain technology in education. it's been wide utilized in
digital currency, sensible contract, credit encryption and different fields. With the event of the net
technology, on-line education, a completely unique education mode, has been greatly popularized.
However, this education mode still faces several issues in course quality, credit and certificate
certification, student privacy, and course sharing. Through literature review and case analysis, this paper
discusses the essential technical principles and application options of blockchain technology, and
proposes an answer to the issues of on-line education supported blockchain technology. The blockchain
technology will store learning records during a trusty, distributed manner, give credible digital
certificates, notice learning resource sharing with sensible contract, and shield belongings through
encryption. The analysis shows that the combination of blockchain technology could be a promising trend
within the development of on-line education.