Role of Information Technology in the performance evaluation of NGOs – A literature review

  • Shalaka Ghodke et al.


Over the past few years, the accountability and performance evaluation of non-profit non-government
originations (NGOs) has become significant not because of its importance, but also due to its
challenges in defining, measuring and implementation. The development of technology is recognized
to be the significant driving factor in facilitating performance measurement and evaluation. There is
substantial increase in use of technology and information & communication tools (ICT) in the NGO
management. Primarily, the current existing research takes into consideration the appropriation of
information technology in facilitating the working of NGOs and focuses more on overcoming the
challenges in effectively using information technology. Whereas very minimal research is ascertained
to exist in exploring the potential of information technology is creating a platform or framework
where NGOs goals & outcomes can be defined, measured & evaluated, and comparative study of
NGOs can be made. The researcher strives to explore the role of information technology in NGO
management and performance evaluation. The paper brings into light the use of information
technology for allowing NGOs to define the performance parameters and then measuring these
performance parameters that can be further used for quality purposes.