An Analysis of Psychology of Advance Fee Fraud Victimization – A Systematic Overview

  • Jalindar R. Gandal et al.


Now a day’s advance fee fraud on the internet is a current widespread that degenerates in hundreds of
millions of dollars per year. Existing theories of fraud provides how criminals target and exploit people in
the online environment .Systematic review will provide a timely mixture of the psychologically based
literature to establish the key theories and experiential research that promise to impact on advance fee
fraud policies and operations.
Researcher findings have been listed that there is still lack of studies in the present literature about the
information security in Cyber Crime environment .There is still an increasing need for comprehensive but
specific approaches to cyber security aspects for effective management of information and low. Researcher
has concluded that due to rapid advancement of e-commerce occurrences of advance fee fraud are
increasing dramatically due to exposure of security weaknesses in traditional scam finding processing
systems resulting in loss of billions of money every year. Researcher are also able to identify specific
psychological processes associated with increased susceptibility to online fraud victimization was limited.
Suggestions for future research and practical interventions are discussed.