Design & Implementation of MIMO-OFDM Transmitter Section for Wireless Communication

  • Pravin Raut, Dinesh Bhoyar, S.L.Badjate


The major limitations to Mobile and Fixed Wireless Communication growth is the disadvantages of traditional wireless communication System due to the limitations of available frequency resources, Bandwidth, channel capacity, complexity, reliability, transmission data rate, physical areas and communication channel between transmitter and receiver. This paper address such a Compatible advance MIMO Transmission system incorporated with OFDM framed in WLAN standard to deal with data signals of BPSK/ QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM constellation in MIMO communication modes for establishing wireless communication link. The system is designed for FPGA devices of the Xilinx family and the performance of MIMO is checked over SISO/MISO for  reliability of communication, compatibility, Data rate, BER  and optimized resource utilization to handle the traffic of multiuser though multiple channels, to ensure the transmission and reception of quality signals even in the failure of any channel.