Series Feed CSRR Based 2.45 GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna Array

  • N. Rajesh Kumar, PD. Sathya


       In this paper a series feed array patch antenna design at 2.4 GHz. First complementary circular ring resonator as has been modeled and designed for single element patch antenna which resonance at 2.45 GHz. The designed CSRR suitable for its applications in patch size reduction because it gives negative real permeability and permittivity over a wide frequency band. The effect of loading the metamaterial shows a patch dimensional space reduction from 38.6 mm x 48 mm to 24.5 mm x 26 mm while providing better gain characteristics. The patch antenna without loading the metamaterial and loaded with the metamaterial provides a similar radiation efficiency and angular width however there is some difference in gain and the bandwidth of its operation. Then, the proposed antenna is designed for three array elements in a series-fed.  The proposed antenna has 5.56 dB gain with -18 dB return loss. The proposed antenna is perfectly suited for wireless communications. It also used as image rejection filter in receiver system because of the metamaterial characteristics which can yield negative value of effective permittivity of a material.