Defense at Touch – A Sensor Based Hand-Held Device for Women Safety

  • S.Bhuvaneswari, Akhila Krishna.D, Annapoorna.M, Gayathri.G


The society we live in is not really safe for women. The crime rate against women is increasing rapidly. It has become a threat even to the employed women. This system provides a mechanism that responds quickly to help women when she is in danger. When a woman senses any danger , she can place a finger print which activates the device and then the location of the victim is sent as an SMS alert to the stored ICE contacts in terms of url The microcontroller is interfaced with a fingerprint sensor, an IOT module, a buzzer alarm to alert the people nearby that someone is in need and a shock driver circuit is implemented which is intended to hurt abusing person, due to which there is a chance for the women to escape from the situation . If the fingerprint is placed, it activates the shocking circuit for help. The program is coded in embedded language to prove the system functionality in real time. Thus, providing security and self-defence to women and this can be carried everywhere since it is small. To make the device more simple and compact we are in-cooperating waste management by using spare parts of old mobile phones which can no longer be used.