Wireless Data Log & Control ΐ - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • D.Dinesh et al.


The wireless data log & control - ΐ – SCADA is new control system designed for the industrial SCADA
purpose with in capability of the new version of the industry 4.0. The total system from the RTU,
Processors, HMI etc. will be wireless communicating with worlds most common protocol HTTP
transmitted over the TCP. The (Human Machine Interface) HMI has the total control of the system with
wireless to data log and to control the system. The HMI is any device which can communicate with HTTP
protocol. The RTU is the built in standard type of input for sensor like viz. Temperature, Pressure,
Inductive, Ultrasonic etc. and also trigger the output to inbuilt machinery relays. The output is triggered
based on the decision made by the CPU. The RTU acts both as input and output. The data from RTU,
HMI is sent to the central server for the process and control by the standard HTTP protocol. The alert
algorithm handles the HMI direct alerts and indirect alerts like SMS and E-mail. Each individual RTU
can be handled separately in the bus and have a M-Address for authentication and identification.