Data Analytics and Review of Industrial Trends

  • Ms. Asmita R. Namjoshi et al.


The quantity of data produced nowadays from all business realms —the big data, put alternatively—
is enormous. It is anticipated that by half of next decade, the volume of worldwide data created will
range 180 zeta bytes. With all voluminous data at hand there lies a huge opportunity to exploit it for
companies to commercialize the outcomes of analytics. Nevertheless, numerous establishments are
continuously pugnacious to preserve this data with the data upheaval, not having the exact awareness
or ability to take benefit of this innovative prosperity. Furthermore, there are several conducts to
excerpt the asses of all this information currently dumped, utmost of the corporations that weren’t
intuitive digital may feel it a bit irresistible. This paper explores top five industries that are
experiencing boom and opportunities for analysing data. This paper presents an insight into the
technological trends in industry with reference to data analytics.