Analysis of LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence in 5GHz Unlicensed Band

  • Bhausaheb E. Shinde et al.


In present and future generation mobile networks it is expected to provide higher rate
throughput of data in order to fulfill the demand of exponentially increasing customers. To
provide effective and quality communications is a challenging task for LTE networks due to
devices heterogeneity and upcoming coexisting technology. LTE licensed band are utilized as
per the standard norms and are already occupied. There is need of extension of frequency
bands and increase in data rates in available unlicensed bands for handling the traffic over
the networks. The most suitable unlicensed band is 5GHz frequency band that can be
highlighted for its effective utilization. However, this 5GHz band is occupied by Wi-Fi
networks and now special efforts may be needed for co-ordination of these two networks in
spectrum sharing. In this paper the spectrum sharing and access of 5GHz unlicensed band in
between LTE as well as Wi-Fi networks. Mainly it may consider the influence of the present
LTE downlink and its transmission on Wi-Fi networks performance. The results from the
experimental analysis has shown that LTE is degrading the performance of Wi-Fi network
and there is need of some co-ordination algorithm for co-ordination of coexistence of two