Wound healing potential of Indian traditional tree– Ficus Religiosa

  • Suganthy R et al.


In recent years, peoples were affected by the chronic wounds (non-healed wounds) because of
the hierarchical problems occurred in healing mechanism. The external or internal breakage of
tissues caused by physical, chemical and microbial actions are often called as wounds. Several
modern medicines had been invented to treat it, but it exhibits some limitations over that process.
The existence of herbal and ayurvedic medicines over 4000 years had great impact towards the
wound treatment. Moving in the natural path, Ficus Religiosa (Arasamaram), an herbal tree
which has many medicinal applications such as for gynecological problems, dysentery, wound
healing, inflammatory, analgesic and anti-lipid- peroxidation activity. This review has been
focused on phytochemical studies and ethnomedical applications mainly on wound healing
mechanisms. Breaking strength, epithelization, wound contraction and preferable wound
dressing methods of Ficus Religiosa were elaborately discussed.