Predictive Analysis Model of Diabetic Patient EHRs Using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques

  • G.Sunil Kumar et al.


Now a days from social insurance businesses huge volume of information is creating. It is
important to gather, store and procedure this information to find information from it and use it
to take huge choices. Diabetic Mellitus (DM) is from the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD),
and loads of individuals are experiencing it. Presently days, for creating nations, for example,
India, DM has become a major medical problem. The DM is one of the basic diseases which has
long haul difficulties related with it and furthermore pursues with different medical issues. With
the assistance of innovation, it is important to fabricate a framework that store and break down
the diabetic information and predict potential dangers likewise. Predictive investigation is a
strategy that incorporates different information mining systems, ML algorithms and
measurements those utilization present and past informational collections to pick up
understanding and predict future dangers. In this work “machine learning calculation in
Hadoop MapReduce environment are executed for Pima Indian diabetes informational index to
discover missing qualities in it and to find designs from it. This work will have the option to
predict kinds of diabetes are far reaching, related future dangers and as per the hazard level of
patient the sort of treatment can be given”.