An Adaptive Multiresolution-Based Multispectral Image Compression Method

  • Jonathan Delcourt
  • Alamin Mansouri
  • Tadeusz Sliwa
  • Yvon Voisin
Keywords: Adaptive multiresolution analysis, Multispectrales image compression, SPIHT, 3D SPIHT, Comparison framework


This paper deals with the problem of multispectral image compression. In particular, we propose to substitute the built-in JPEG 2000 wavelet transform by an adequate multiresolution analysis that we devise within the Lifting-Scheme framework. We compare the proposed method to the classical wavelet transform within both multi-2D and full-3D compression strategies. The two strategies are combined with a PCA decorrelation stage to optimize their performance. For a consistent evaluation, we use a framework gathering four families of metrics including the largely used PSNR. Good results have been obtained showing the appropriateness of the proposed approach especially for images with large dimensions.