Simultaneous Optimization for Dynamic Sensor Function Allocation and Effective Sensed Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Ryouhei Kawano
  • Toshiaki Miyazaki
Keywords: Resource Balancing, TDMA, Distributed Algorithm, Graph Coloring


This paper proposes a method to realize sensor function allocation and effective data aggregation simultaneously in wireless sensor networks. This method realizes dynamic allocation of sensor functions so as to balance the distribution of each sensor function in a target monitoring area. In addition, effective data aggregation is performed by using a tree network topology and time division multiple access (TDMA), which is a collision-free communication scheme. By comparing the results from the proposed method with the results from non-optimized methods, it can be validated that the proposed method is 1.7 times more efficient than non-optimized methods in distributing sensor functions. With this method, the network lifetime is doubled, and the number of data packets received at a base station is considerably increased by avoiding packet collisions.