Detection and Prevention of Wormhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Ashwini V. Mathurkar, Prabhakar D. Dorge


Exceptional features a like imperfect bandwidth, imperfect battery-operated control and active topology type wireless sensor network (WSN) defenseless to various varieties of outbreaks. Then, curiosity in exploration of safety in WSN has been cumulative since earlier quite a lot of ages. Organization less and self-sufficient countryside of WSN is stimulating topic in rapports of safety. Wormhole outbreak is one of the severe outbreaks in wireless sensor network. In this paper, the method production with wormhole outbreak in WSN are plotted and a method is projected for detection and prevention of wormhole outbreak. AOMDV (Ad hoc On demand Multipath Distance Vector) routing protocol is combined into these ways which is based on RTT (Round Trip Time) instrument and other features of wormhole outbreak. As associated to other resolution shown in nonfiction, projected method looks very hopeful. NS2 simulant is used to complete all replication. And the several results can be explaining.