SUMULTI CODES- A Binary Forward Error Correcting Scheme

  • Dr. P. Sri Hari.


Forward Error correction, also referred to as Channel Encoding plays a vital role in providing error free or reliable information transmission/reception. A linear Block Code specified as(n,k) code encodes 'k' bit data into 'n' bit code word , by appending r=n-k redundant bits, which are also referred to as parity bits.. The (n,k) Block Code is with a code efficiency or code rate of R=k/n, expressed as percentage. The provision of parity bits enables the code to address the influence of the additive noise in the channel on the message transmitted. The errors occurred in the data received can be Random errors, Burst Errors, and Random-Burst-type errors. The present discussion proposes two Channel encoding schemes namely “DATA INVERTING CODES” and “SUMULTI CODES”, which are capable of correcting the channel errors .