Enhanced Cardless Transaction Using Biometric Atms

  • Geetha.A, Monesha B, Sandhya R, Sivashankari P


Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are widely used now-a-days by people. These are electronic machines which are operated by customers to deposit or withdraw cash from banks. ATM provides services round the clock and is installed at convenient places including both onsite and offsite. In traditional ATM system card and pin numbers are used for authentication, where security plays a big concern such as losing cards, stolen pin numbers. In order to minimize these issues this paper discusses a system where ATM cards and pins are replaced by biometrics thus the combination of biometrics will be difficult to break the security. This process provides authentication for withdrawal of cash from ATM when the user’s fingerprint and face recognition matches the collected datasets. In this system Raspberry pi microcontroller is used in the controlling part. It performs the search operation in the Database and sends necessary information to a display device. Open CV libraries are used for the method of recognition verification and identification of face images. Moreover to improve the efficiency of the system Haar Cascade is used.