Analysis and Design of Marine Structures in LTTD Plant at ANDROTH Island of UT Lakshadweep

  • M. Harsha Vardhan, B. Ajitha


LTTD Technology is a proven, environmentally friendly desalination plant. LTTD is a desalination technique that takes advantage of the fact that at low pressures water evaporates at lower temperatures, even at the low ambient temperature. The system uses vacuum pumps to create a low pressure, the low- temperature atmosphere in which water evaporates between two volumes of water, even at a temperature gradient of 8 ° C. Cooling water is supplied up to 600 meters (2000 ft) from deep sea depths. To condense the evaporated water vapour, this cold water is pumped into coils. The condensate arising from this is purified water.
Setting up of LTTD project in UT Lakshadweep involves significant challenges. The islands are characterized by coral reef and low availability of heavy machinery and skilled men. The islands people are suffering with low availability of fresh water so the LTTD is the desalination plant which can provide fresh water which does not require pre and post-treatment of seawater.