A Survey on Cross Layer Framework based Energy Efficient Routing Protocols of Manets

  • Manish Devendra Chawhan, Ausaf Umar Khan, Bhumika Neole


The expansion of wireless communication systems emphasizes on the different challenges in the design and efficient usage of communication protocols. Generally, for interoperability and efficient implementations with quick distribution, protocol architectures follow strict communication protecting principles. However, because of the absence of management between communication layers, the energy efficiency of such architectures degrades to face demands presented by wireless communication networks. To surmount the limitation of the layered architecture, the cross layer concept turned into a predominant solution. Its fundamental objective is to obtain appropriate communication among communication layers to gain performance enhancements. Also, the energy consumption due to the several processes involved in the routing of packets attracts the researcher to develop the energy efficient routing protocols. This study presents a review on the conception of cross layer technique in a MANET to enhance the performance of communication architecture to gain energy efficiency along with efficient communication.