Optimal Power Flow for Hybrid HVDC-AC Transmission System: A Genetic Algorithm Approach

  • Dr. S. B. Warkad
  • Ravina R. Asole


One of the most important requirements in power system operation, control and planning in energy management system (EMS) of modern power system control centers is optimal power flow (OPF). It is characterized as a difficult optimization problem and involves the optimization of an objective function, For example, minimization of total generation cost, and minimization of total loss in transmission networks, subject to a set of equality and inequality constraints such as generation and load balance, bus voltage limits, power flow equations, and active and reactive power limits.
In recent years, the incorporation of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) link in an existing AC transmission networks brought significant techno-commercial changes in the transmission of the electric power in developing countries. This paper aims at (1) presenting Genetic Algorithm approach to solve OPF, (2) problem formulation with incorporation of HVDC link in a AC transmission system, (3) demonstrating the proposed methodology for standard power systems and (4) to assess the performance of GAOPF with the traditional OPF method. The paper concludes that the proposed scheme is effective for the real network situation in developing countries.