IFTTT Based Energy Efficient Smart Home Automation System Using Voice Assistant

  • G. Sivapriya, A. Kaviya


Automation is introduced in almost all the fields, for the betterment of human life. At the same time due to increase in demand on power, automotive devices should be designed in a manner which consumes less power. Home automation is majorly covered in our paper, where all the things around us can be controlled and monitored with a help of our smart devices. The proposed system help in controlling the home appliances with the help of Google assistant. Node MCU microcontroller board is used for controlling the appliances inside the home, as it contains a microcontroller unit and a Wi-Fi module. So, connection of additional Wi-Fi module can be avoided. IFTTT application, which can be used in our smart phones helps in connecting it to the devices around us. Natural Voice commands can be given as input to the Google assistant, which in turn send the command with the help of IFTTT application to the ordinary home appliances to make them ON/OFF.