Real Time Simulation of TCSC

  • Anjali A. Bhandakkar et. al.


Due to deregulation, open access, and co-generation in electrical power system, there is a probability of transmission voltage sags, swells, congestion scenarios, forced outages, followed by black-outs, and many such problems. Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices are one of the solutions for such complications. TCSC is a high-performance, and cost-effective series FACTS device that has a significant practical background. Real-Time Simulator facilitates a physically large, and spatially diverse or distributed power system to be accurately simulated in laboratory, and testing of physical devices, like controllers or protection equipment in real time, with all possible conditions, like introduction of faults, over loads, loss of generation condition, for stability analysis purpose. This paper presents comparison of power flow parameter with and without Thyristor Controlled Series capacitor (TCSC), and the performance characteristic of TCSC on Real-Time Simulator OPAL-RT-OP4510. The waveforms of active power, impedance, and firing angle are taken out from simulation environment to the outside world using input/output devices, and seen on Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), during the Real-Time execution. The MATLAB/SIMULINK model of power system with TCSC is developed, and made compatible with the Real-Time Simulator, and validated on multi-machine-9-bus system. Also the Load Flow Analysis (LFA) is performed for the same system without TCSC and with TCSC, using MATLAB .m-file. The results indicate improved power flow parameters of the network, and increased active power transmitted, through the line as compared to the without TCSC.