Oral Cancer Detection by Image Processing Using MATLAB

  • Dr. P V Rama Raju, G. Naga Raju, B. Bhavya Saisri, Ch. Midhun Kumar, D. Siva Sankar, D. Anji Nayak


This paper suggests an automated process for the identification of oral cancer. And also very tiny tumors in computed tomography (CT scan) can be detected very easily by this proposed algorithm. Detection of oral cancer is a challenge in medical applications due to the structure of the tumor cells. This project presents a segmentation and K-Means clustering algorithm for the segmentation of computed tomography scan (CT scan) to detect the oral cancer. The segmentation output will be used as the basis for the Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) program for early detection of oral cancer to boost the patient's chances of survival. Detection and extraction of tumors from CT scan images is performed using code developed in MATLAB.