Enhancement of Degraded Manuscript Images using Adaptive Gaussian Thresholding

  • Nikunj Khetan
  • Lakshya Kejriwal
  • Dr. S. Indu


Manuscripts in physical form are easily damaged over time resulting in loss of important information. Hence, there is a need to preserve the knowledge these manuscripts hold by enhancing the readability of the damaged manuscript by applying various image analysis techniques and storing them in digital form to prevent further deterioration of manuscript information. There are multiple well-known methods for document enhancement but, they are not suitable for use in enhancing damaged manuscript images. We propose a novel method to address the problem of enhancement and binarization of degraded manuscript images that applies a dual filtering technique for noise removal, Gaussian based adaptive thresholding technique and post processing using morphological operations that enhances readability of manuscript images. Our method showed good performance on qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation performed on 27 digital manuscript images with uniform character formation and an overall pseudo F-measure of 60.12%. Furthermore, our method is also compared with other well-known document enhancing techniques to establish the better applicability of our technique to preservation of manuscript information.