Ad Hoc Network Routing Algorithm Based on Energy Balanced Connected Dominating Set

  • Huang Chengbing


Connected Dominating Set (CDS) is an important means to alleviate the broadcast storm of wireless sensor network. Compared to non-CDS internal nodes, CDS internal nodes have faster energy consumption rates, therefore, the energy level of CDS internal nodes determines the life circle of the network. However, the current CDS algorithms only focus the scale of CDS, and the dominator node of energy level are not considered. For this, this article puts forward the Energy-balance-based Connected Dominating Set Distributed (ECDSD) algorithm. CDS is built based on Weighted Coverage Cost (WCC), which contains the detected energy of neighboring nodes. The nodes with higher WCC values are selected as dominator nodes. According to simulation results, compared with current algorithms, ECDSD algorithm can reduce CDS scale, improve CDS life circle by 23%, and increases the coverage by approximate 33%.