4G Wireless Networks Architecture an Overview and Security Issues On 4G

  • Javed Ahmad Shaheen


In this paper comprehensive study on current proceeds in wireless network security problems or issues for 4G are being presented. Mobility is the most invigorating character, and it has a vast impact as how communication is embryonic into the future 4G long term Evolution networks and the mobility in 4G networks demands new mobility support. LTE is designed with strong cryptographic techniques, mutual authentication between LTE network elements with security mechanisms built into its architecture. The paper has a lot of contribution in different field of wireless network as in current era wireless network technologies have expanded rapidly and the emergence of novel applications such as tablet, Smartphone, mobile TV, web 2.0 and streaming contents such as videos, games and more, led to the demand of a faster network of next generation technology, the fourth Generation (4G) the new technology or generation of mobile communication standards in telecommunication emerging from future wireless networks which works under LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). 4G provides five times faster mobile broadband internet access of discussed devices and Security is considered as the most important aspect in 4G LTE and WiMAX technologies, in these two standards a significant amount of attention has been given for the security design architecture. First the paper, presents the 4G architecture and its technical description and 4G wireless security with network security of upcoming generation. Second it discussed some security issues and possible threats on 4G. Third the paper proposed security model of 4 layers which ensures secure transmission of packets by adopting several compulsory security measures.