A Novel Noise Free Transmission Technique for Designing 100Gb/s Future Generation Optical Communication System

  • Bhagwan Das
  • MFL Abdullah
  • Bishwajeet Pandey
  • DMA Hussain
  • BS Chowdhry


Differential Phase Shift Keying (DPSK) techniques are widely used in designing the high-speed communication systems. However, these techniques still need improvement for long haul communication system design. In this paper, high-speed optical signal transmission and reception system is achieved for DPSK system. The system is designed using phase lock loop (PLL) based Non-return-to-Zero (NRZ) modulation scheme. The 100Gb/s DPSK signal is transmitted over single mode fiber (SMF-28) of 300 km distance using PLL based NRZ scheme. The signal is received using direct detection method. It is determined that BER of 10-12+, Q-factor 98 at power penalty of 14 dB is attained using the designed technique for transmitting 100Gb/s at 300 Km. Whereas, existing NRZ technique achieved a BER of 10-6, Q-factor 32 at power penalty of 11 dB for same similar transmission data rate and distance. The designed offers the transmission and reception of data for high-speed long haul communication system without using any amplifier or repeater.