Mobility Prediction based Energy Efficient QoS Routing

  • Mamatha C R et al.


Many Real time applications which include rescue operations, disaster management, and safety critical
systems make use of infrastructure less network called as MANETs. Mobile Ad Hoc
Networks(MANETS) is a wireless Ad-Hoc network that is designed to alter its location and design by
itself on the fly. These networks are dynamic in nature. The self-organising nature of these nodes causes
the link failures and loss of packets while transmitting the data from one node to the other in the
network. These causes the degradation in the overall network performance hence requires an efficient
routing mechanism to overcome this. The efficient use of networking equipment is crucial in designing
an efficient routing protocol. In this paper we intend to design a protocol that predicts the mobility in
the network. The accurate prediction of the network traffic will reduce the power consumption and
enable efficient use of network resources and ensures good quality of service.