Detection of Jamming Attack in MANET Using Watchdog Technique

  • Aditi Sharma
  • Joy Karan Singh


Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) are more receptive to security attacks because of their distinctive features i.e. dynamic configuration and no static infrastructure etc. The necessity for a protected MANET networks is powerfully attached to the privacy and security attributes. Jamming attack is one of them. This attack influenced the network by decreasing the network performance. In this paper, a comparative analysis is performed for AODV routing protocol on the basis of jammer attack and Watchdog Technique over MANET. In this paper work we are evaluate the performance of mobile ad hoc networks with jamming attack and with a novel mechanism (Watchdog Technique). The network performance is evaluated in terms of the QoS parameters i.e. packet loss, energy, PDR, retransmission attempts and throughput using NS-2 simulator.