Secured Identity Management System for Preserving Data Privacy and Transmission in Cloud Computing

  • Garima Rastogi
  • Rama Sushil


In this era of globalization, cloud computing is being preferred for management and maintenance of data and services across sectors such as health, banking, manufacturing, national security services etc. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to make ample provision for data confidentiality and privacy. In short, data security is a very important issue which needs to be addressed properly to enhance the usage of cloud computing. In this manuscript, some vulnerability issues have been identified in the conventional identity management (IDM) systems that are used currently. This paper proposes a novel identity management system for secure data transmission and preserving data privacy in cloud environment called (SIDM). The proposed system will overcomes issues such as network traffic interception, IDM compromise and replay attack. In comparison to general IDM, the proposed scheme has some additional features like human intervention procedures, different token distribution method, homomorphic encryption etc. to enhance the security and solve the mentioned issues. To confirm the same, an experiment has been conducted to evaluate the performance and security measures of proposed scheme.