Device Fingerprint and Mobile Agent based Authentication Technique in Wireless Networks

  • Umesh Kumar
  • Sapna Gambhir


Mobile agent technology is continuously evolving and generating lot of attention among researchers. This paper proposes a new authentication algorithm by using mobile agent technology. The proposed algorithm uses device signature based mechanism for authentication of the device on mobile agent based framework. Device features have been extracted for some specific values and from these features the device fingerprint is generated for the authentication. Research paper describes the device fingerprint extraction, registration and authentication algorithm. As the traffic on the internet is growing at a rapid rate, there is also the need of a technique to reduce the traffic on the internet. Comparison analysis of the proposed algorithm and comparison with the traditional client server based mechanism is done in terms of network traffic. The proposed algorithm reduces the traffic around the authenticator to a great extent as compared to the client server based mechanism. It can also be useful against various attacks in wireless networks, like man in the middle or fake access point etc.