A New Dimension of Technology for Agricultural Development - Analysis of Needs and Solution.

  • Dr. Tanuja Devi et al.


All stakeholders of agriculture industry need reliable information and knowledge about the phases of
agriculture to manage them efficiently. The present technology modes are steering very little
demographic dividend in agriculture. On the other hand, the number of population on land is
increasing and the size of the average farm holding is lowered below one hectare.
Urbanization is increasing and by 2050, 25% of total population will be living in towns and cities. And
the rural population is rapidly ageing and shrinking, which then will leave us in the scenario whether
we have to look for the alternatives of manpower.
Improving the productivity and profitability of small holdings through appropriate technologies and
market linkages is the goal of the development. The planning strategy must aim at channelizing the
local initiative and local efforts backed by official support and technical As countries are urbanizing
and incomes are rising, food expenditures are declining as a share of total spending. To help produce
these other goods and services, farmers have to take jobs off the farm. Yet the process can only be
sustained if productivity of labour in farming increases, through innovation in production as well as
better access to markets to sell the surplus