A Review of Smart Garbage Monitoring and Solid Waste Management System

  • Dr. Minakshi S. Tumsare et al.


In current scenario, the cleanliness of public places as well as private places are very necessary to
make the environment healthy by spreading some deadly diseases, to avoid such situation smart
garbage collection bins or Dust bin monitoring system is required. The collection of solid waste is
also a need of common people as increased population growth. The workers who have to collect the
garbage from different areas are not able to get correct information when would be the bins are
filled. Sometimes it gets overflowed due to improper information, so they used to fix some timing for
collecting the wastage or garbage. To overcome such kind of situations efficient garbage monitoring
and cleanliness tracker system need to develop to make an effort to manage the waste and each has its
advantages and disadvantages. This paper gives a brief literature review and observes previous
research on different topics which includes different efficient techniques that can be used to manage
the waste efficiently