Extended RSSI based Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Arun Agarwal et al.


Wireless Sensor Network is featured with inherent limitation of energy, as frequent communication
between the sensor nodes (SNs) results in huge energy drain. Moreover, optimization and loadbalancing within the WSN are the significant concern to grant intellect for the extensive period of
network lifetime. In this paper, we present an Extended RSSI based Cluster Head Selection
(ERCHS) algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network which takes into consideration the received signal
strength index (RSSI) of SNs from the base- station (BS). The ERCHS algorithm mainly focuses on
maximizing the network lifetime based on RSSI values and residual energy levels of SNs. The
ERCHS algorithm is simulated on Cooja Simulator and to measure its performance Low Energy
Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) and Hybrid Energy Efficient Distributed clustering
algorithm (HEED) protocols are used. Simulation analysis and results depicts that proposed
algorithm can effectively enhance the network lifetime by two times and thus it is an energyefficient way to choose a CH.