Real Time Object Detection and Identification Using Tensor Flow

  • Dr.P.V.Rama Raju, G. Nagaraju, K.Srinivas, CH.Sai Sirisha, D.Srinivasa Rao, P.Vivek


Security plays a major role in today’s world. Object detection is mostly used for security purposes. It is also widely used in the world of sports, its users including training staff, broadcasters and sports. YOLO (you only look once) object detection algorithm is used for image classification. Tensor flow objectdetection API, an open source framework for object detection related tasks, was used for training and testing SSD (single shot multibox detector) with Mobile net- model. It detects the objects and displays that object name in the stored video as well as in a live camera. With an object detection model, not only can you classify multiple classes in one image, but you can specify exactly where that object is in an image with a bounding box framing the object. It is also used by the government to access security feeds and match it with their existing database to find any criminals or to detect the robbers’ vehicle.