Women Safety with GPS, GSM and Detection of Heart Attack, FITS and Sunstroke

  • Dr. P V Rama Raju, G. Naga Raju, B. Durga Bhavani, Ch. Viswa Prasanth, A. Bhavana, G. Pavan Kumar


Keeping in mind,the present situation of the metropolitan cities and big cities, women safety and security has become one of the most important forthwith requirements in our country. The device we developed will meet the requirement of a simple and a cost-effective safety gadget that helps the victims during sudden and unforeseen dangers from strangers.We all know that a heart attack can kill a life in 3 attempts but now a days it can be dangerous in first attempt also. If checking our health regularly on daily basis, then we can identify so many diseases by detecting them before itself. Many people at a certain age lose their lives due to heart attack which is not easy to detect. To overcome that and to help our society from heart attack, the system we developed will help in decreasing the death rate by real time heart rate monitoring and early detection of heart attack. Sunstroke and Seizures are also the life-threatening conditions in which the victims need urgent medication.Sunstroke, also known as Heat Stroke, which occurs due to continuous exposure to high temperatures. Seizures, commonly known as Fits, is a sudden and uncontrolled disturbance in brain. A Seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes is a medical emergency.Many people lose their lives due to Sunstroke and Seizures if not given a proper medication when affected by them. This system also helps in detecting the sunstroke and seizures in a person with the help of sensors. The Sensors we used are interfaced to a micro controller (ATmega328p)and then connected to a GPS-GSMmodule (SIM808) which help in identifying the affected person's condition and his location through a message to a nearby hospital.The main advantage of this system is that this device is compact and easy to carry. The use of sophisticated components makes the device more reliable.