Detection Of Fake Reviews Using Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Girish .J.Navale et al.


Large part of the customers can give review after buying from which ever shop they want. Be it
online buying or offline retail buying. When a customer buys a product online they check reviews of
that product which are very important in today's e-commerce products for decision-making. As
writing fake reviews comes with money gain, there has been a huge increase in misleading opinion on
particular product reviews on their websites .Misleading review is an dangerous review. Giving
positive reviews to target the customers that attract customers and gain increase in sales. There as
negative review of a product could cause lesser demand of that product which may reduce its sales.
These misleading reviews are dangerous to a product reputation. Here by making use of Machine
Learning Algorithm. Such as SVM, Which is a Supervised Learning algorithm. We have predicted the
review .i.e. a review is fake or not. Our objective is to decide whether a review is fake or genuine