Automated Universal Utensil Washer

  • Somnath Patil et al.


The meal service industry in India is the 3rd largest service industry, following retail and
insurance services industry. About 2.5 lacs mid-day meals are delivered in Mumbai alone. As a
fact, a renowned tiffin delivery service named “Dabbawala” serves 80 million lunches per year.
These meals are being served in either washable utensils or disposable plates. Taking the
washable ones into consideration, due to hype in the commercialization of food service, the
conventional method of washing utensils , lunch boxes, tiffins, etc results in more consumption of
water, labor and time, which leads to decrying of profit and increase in human error making this
method untenable. Our country is the largest plastic consumer, meeting a daily usage of 26,000
tons per day. Out of which 120 billion pieces are plastic utensils and cutlery. These numbers are
reached due to people preferring disposable utensils over washable ones, unknowingly
endangering the environment under the mask of profitization. To overcome these problems, we
propose an automated system solution. This system integrates all the various steps involved in
washing and can be used for a wide range of equipments and utensils. It emphasizes on
commercial sectors dealing with utensils on a large scale