• S. Aathilakshmi et al.


In recent trends artificial neural network is a crucial factor in AI for health care monitoring system. Now
a day in many medical applications health monitoring is a big challenge to find the optimized solution.
IoT is a great platform for monitoring human health and analyze the solution then and there and also
show the details of every individual human by its own way without the need of an external source. In
general existing so many cases are analyzed by manually; from the manual observation the system has
reached many difficulties in finding the solution. So to overcome the issues today’s every monitoring
system is under in Artificial Neural network by the help of different learning technology like machine
learning and deep learning. This learning technique is a best and upgrade a solution in many ways for
improving all the information and technology related method it is used to medical , communication,
material designing applications etc., This paper proposed a novel idea which is more helpful for society
to improve the technology as well as the person to identify and analyze their problem by their own
without any dependencies. In this paper different sensors are used like bio sensor, GPS sensor, noise
sensor, shimmering sensor, swallowing sensor, heart beat sensor, dietary sensor for health care
monitoring system. It is very useful to identify whether the person is normal or abnormal. The information
of person data is stored in cloud and using ANN and IoT to monitor the person’s health by continuous
improvement technique. From the observation the ANN is connected that person in IoT and this IoT is
used to guide the whole system. Finally it will produce optimized solution with the help of training set,
detection set and also test set. This proposed methodology produce 96% of efficiency when compared
with previous analyzing methodology. The simulation and hardware result shown by using Node MCU
and RAPERRY Pi in IoT.