Design and Analysis of Sierpinski Fractal Antenna Array for Wireless Applications

  • Mahesh. S. Mathpati, Mohammed Bakhar, Veerendra Dakulagi


The growing demand of customers requires reduced size, low profile, multiband and conformal antenna for wireless communication. In this paper, I have presented the Sierpinski fractal antenna array techniques at a different level of iteration. The proposed antenna resonates at multiple operating frequencies, to give broader bandwidth. The simulation of the antenna was done using CAD FEKO software and tested using VNA. The presentation of different level of iterations of antenna shape has been studied in terms of parameters like Bandwidth, Return Loss, VSWR and Radiation Pattern. Compared simulated and the experimental results which are good in agreement. The proposed antenna is suitable for the bandwidth enhancement like 100MHz, 1220MHz, and 2450MHz respectively at resonant frequencies 2.05GHz, 3.68GHz, and 7.85GHz. Designed antenna is suitable for FM radio broadcasting, GPS system, RFID, and fixed microware applications.