Blended Learning versus Traditional Learning in Indian schools –A Comparative study

  • I.Lakshmi et. al


Blended learning could be a hybrid of schoolroom and on-line learning and includes a number of the convenience of the net courses while not the entire loss of face-to-face contact. The rise within the use of technology significantly the employment of web-based technologies and communication have provided a chance to the educators around India to research the foremost appropriate learning environments that might cater the students’ various learning designs. the current study uses an informal comparative style between ancient schoolroom and emulsified learning within the learning atmosphere of faculties. the aim of this study was to match the employment of emulsified learning in class education with ancient teaching. supported the analysis review the emulsified learning model seems to be another teaching strategy that ought to be embraced by the college educators so as to assist the scholar learn higher. proof is provided to counsel that emulsified courses will produce a metamorphosis among the scholars than either the normal learning or totally on-line courses. This paper introduces a comparative study of emulsified learning and ancient learning ideas within the colleges of India.