A Multi-Stage Cloud Security for Cloud Data using Amalgamate Data Security

  • E. Ravi Kumar, S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, M. Babu Reddy


Every organization is planning to deploy their projects and data into the cloud storage based on availability of the cloud services.  From the past many years security plays the major role in cloud storage for the data availability. Various Encryption and decryption algorithms are that are utilized to provide the better security for the cloud data. Recently another challenge that is identified in cloud storage is uploading large files within the cloud server. To overcome this issue, the multi cloud security is required to store the files in cloud server. Splitting of files in equal chunks and upload the files into multiple clouds, generating the keys for every files and merging the file when the user required for access. Previously various algorithms, techniques are discussed such as dual encryption technique; Compound Encryption based Algorithm (CEBA) for rapid encryption, Compound Secure Storage (CSS) of data with Ensemble Access of Data (EAD) are the integrated methods to provide the security, improving the encryption and decryption time. A few drawbacks are identified in the above techniques such as limited file size and more time for encryption and decryption. In this paper, An Amalgamate Data Security (ADS) is developed to split the large files into the equal shares and stored into the cloud. Generating the private keys for every chunk of the file is also a tedious task. To overcome this, an efficient file merger (EFM) is developed to merge the requested file by the user by matching the private keys. Result shows the performance in terms of encryption and decryption time based on the size of the file.