IoT Based Smart Parking System using Laser Range Sensor

  • Punam Mahalle, Prof. A. R. Welekar, Dr A. N. Thakare


This paper introduces the concept of “Smart Parking System” using Laser Range Sensor. In car parking services in cities, the increasing number of vehicles on the road along with the mismanagement of available parking space; Leads to parking related problem as well as increase traffic congestion in smart parking management system that would help the driver very quickly. Although ample amount of research work on the development of smart parking system exit in the literature but most of they have not addressed the problem of real time detection of improper parking and automated collection of parking charges. In this paper, a prototype of Internet-of- Things based smart parking system is proposed. The smart parking system will uses on laser range sensor for detection of parked cars and send the data to microcontroller, ESP8266 microcontrollar with Wi-Fi module will send the data to server and to the Interface and manage the parking throughout parking area.