Computational Analysis of Inverter Harmonics on the Performance of Three Phase Induction Motor .

  • Mr.Umesh E. Hiwase et. al


For variable speed drive using fast switching power modulator has been widely used in industry for various applications. But degrading power factor and incursion current harmonics are the major problems. Thus computational analysis of motor performance is required to select the proper harmonics reduction techniques for smooth operation . In this research paper a throw analysis is done on the performance of induction motor on every aspect. For smooth operation of AC motor drive, multilevel inverters are preferred over a conventional two level inverter, with increasing the level of inverter output is nearly sinusoidal and, desired  output voltage with reduces harmonic distortions is obtain . The main objective of this paper is to analysis and compare the effect of harmonics on Induction Motor by feeding conventional two level and multilevel inverter with respect to  different mechanical parameters.